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Packing / Confectioning

We specialize in packaging loose, liquid and semi-liquid preparations.


Each new project raises a number of questions. Answers to them will be provided by experienced employees of the OVER Pack Customer Service Office. They will choose the way of packaging most appropriate for your product, taking into account the safety and properties of the preparation. We offer:


    • Confection of loose preparationsWe have experience in the packaging of loose preparations in packages of various capacities (sachets, bags, sacks) and preparations of various granulation, bulk density or hygroscopicity.


    • Confection of liquid preparationsWe have a wide range of packaging with various working capacities: from the smallest ones for liquid with a capacity of 50 cm³ to large packaging with a volume of 250dm³ or 1000dm³.


  • Confection of semi-liquid preparationsWe provide services for the packaging of preparations of different density and viscosity (consistency), such as creams, balms and gels.





New product development

We approach each project individually and develop products for your private brands according to your strict guidelines.


Our qualified staff remains at your disposal to help you create the perfect product. The company’s approach to developing and implementing new recipes guarantees that your product will be safe, effective and meet all internal physicochemical and microbiological standards.


We support all stages of developing the final product:

  • marketing support in the process of creating new products,
  • developing recipes (we have our own laboratory) or work on recipes entrusted to us
  • conducting necessary research and tests (we have our own Research and Development Department and Quality Department),
  • preparation of product documentation,
  • purchases of raw materials and components,
  • purchase of packaging (there is an option of choosing packaging from the OVER Pack catalog),
  • design and print labels (we offer help and support from the creative agency)
  • production process (from trial batch to implementation and production)






The product’s success begins with its packaging. We offer you a wide range of packaging at your disposal, also from the OVER Pack catalog. You can adjust the quantities strictly to your needs, without the necessity to adjust them to restrictive minimum order quantities. Our experienced employees of the OVER Pack Customer Service Office will eagerly advise you in choosing the packaging, taking into account the safety and properties of the preparation. In addition, we offer our Clients tests of product compatibility with selected unit packaging. The packaging should be compatible with the product – it means that all components of a given mass do not adversely affect the packaging and vice versa, i.e. the packaging components do not react with the mass.



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