Quality in OVER Pack

In OVER Pack quality is a way of thinking.


A professional approach to the development process and implementation of new recipes guarantees that your product is safe for animals and people, meets all internal physicochemical and microbiological standards and is effective. Products of the Clients of OVER Pack are developed and implemented strictly according to innovative methodologies used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic processes. We make sure to provide you with the highest quality standard at each stage of our cooperation. We also place high demands on our suppliers. We work only with qualified and trusted suppliers, as well as use the highest quality, safe raw materials.



Each recipe we develop is subjected to stability and compatibility tests with the packaging. Stability tests in accelerated aging conditions allow us to reliably determine the expiry date and guarantee the highest quality of the purchased recipe to our Clients. However, developing a recipe is just half of the way. The product must be manufactured in accordance with the developed technology and at this point the Research and Development Department works closely with the Technologist at the stage of technology development and then transfer from the laboratory to an industrial scale. How can we be sure that the entire batch of the product meets the physicochemical and microbiological requirements of the specification, if we do not collect and test all the pieces of the product? First, we supervise the quality of each batch of raw material and product that is delivered to us as well as each loose product that is produced in the company. We verify all documentation and supervise our suppliers. We carry out a number of physicochemical analyzes, such as refractive index, viscosity, density, pH, water content, short-term stability in accelerated aging conditions, and additionally we focus on the identification of raw materials and products through infrared spectrophotometric tests. In the field of microbiological tests, we cooperate only with accredited laboratories in the field of specific test methods.


In our company quality is a way of thinking, which is why we go a step further and are not just talking about quality control but supervise it. Why? Because we guarantee that quality is in the process and that each and every process that takes place in our company ensures that our products comply with the requirements contained in the specifications. That is why we improve processes to start with.


In line with this approach, the Management Board of OVER Group introduced the Integrated Management System, which aims to implement our company's mission: satisfaction, quality and innovation. IMS policy can be found here. We assure you that thanks to our laboratory, personnel and process approach throughout the company, every product delivered to you is a product of the highest quality.


By combining individual and joint responsibility, we achieve the best. We are proud to be among 20,000 companies from over 80 countries with GMP + FSA certification. This standard defines quality requirements for feed safety for producers, processors, traders and transport organizations involved in the food chain. For our Customers and Partners, this means that we are a trusted supplier, and the raw materials we use are of the highest quality, thanks to which the products we provide are safe for both humans and animals.

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